Nye 10' stålcontainere m/ CSC godkendelse

​Helsvejset stålkonstruktion med front- og sidepaneler af 1,5 mm stålplade, svejsede ISO-hjørneklodser, 1 par gaffellommer, kraftige dobbelte ståldøre med en åbningsvinkel på 270 grader forsynet med gummilister og een låsestang på hver dør, med anordning for toldlukke. Tag af 1,5 mm stålplade. Gulv af 28mm træ/plywood eller 5mm ståldørk. Containerne kan stables 5 i højden og der ydes 36 måneders garanti på overfladebehandlingen.

Containeren er testet og CSC-certificeret af Germanischer Lloyd.




2.991 mm


2.438 mm​


2.591 mm




2.842 mm


2.350 mm


2.383 mm






2.342 mm


2.279 mm

Taravægt: 1.800 kg Max. payload: 13.000 kg



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  1. Basic Data
  2. Scope
  3. General
  4. Design and material
  5. Surface treatment
  6. Marking
  7. Testing and Inspection
  8. Documentation
  9. Warranty​


​Tare weight

​1500 kg + -2 %

​Gross weight 

​13.000 kg


​11.500 kg

​Internal volume max.

​16 m³

​External length 

2.991 +0 -5 mm​

​External width

​2.438 +0 -5 mm

External height​

2.591 +0 -5 mm​

​Internal length

​2.842 +0 -5 mm

​Internal width

​2.350 +0 -5 mm

​Internal height 

​2.383 +0 -5 mm

​End door width

​2.342 +0 -5 mm

​End door height

​2.279 +0 -5 mm

​Fork lift tunnels pitch

2.050 +0 -5 mm​

​Fork lift tunnels width

​365 mm

​Fork lift tunnel height

118 mm​

​Maximum stacking

56000 kg​

​Floor capacity is designed for a 5460 kg floor test.


This specification includes the design, material, testing, inspection and warranties for a steel 10 ft dry freight box container. Adequate quality control system is applied during the production.


The container is designed and manufactured for the carriage of general cargo by rail, road or sea throughout the world. The container is able to withstand extremes of temperatures between minus 40 degrees Centigrade and plus 60 degrees Centigrade without affecting the strength of the structure or its watertightness.

The container satisfies the requirements of the following standards and regulations:

ISO 668 - Classification, Dimensions and ratings of Freight Containers /Edition1988/

ISO 6346 - Freight containers: Coding, identification, marking /Edition 1995/

ISO 1161 - Specification of corner fittings for series l freight containers /Edition 1984/

ISO 1496 - Specification and testing of series l freight containers/Edition 1990/

ISO 6359 - Freight containers - consolidated data plate

ISO 830 - Freight containers - Terminology

CSC - International Convention for Safe Containers

TIR - Customs Convention on Containers

TCT - All exposed wooden components used on containers are treated to comply with the requirements of "Cargo containers and Unit Loads" of the Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Health, latest edition

UIC - The container complies with the requirements of the International Union of Railways, /UIC/ Code 592-1 OR.

Classification Seal: The container is certified by classification society Germanischer Lloyd.


The container consists of a steel frame, floor crossmembers, side walls of corrugated steel, front wall, rear wall, wooden floor and 8 corner fittings. The floor consists of beech plywood panels treated according to Australian Health Requirements. All outer welds including the base frame welds are continuous. The welds ensure strength and watertightness. The inner side of the lap welds is provided with sealant.


The front end corner posts are produced of one pressed piece of carbon steel gauge 6 mm. The front end header is made of steel, thickness 4 mm. The front end sill is of steel, thickness 4 mm. The front end panel is vertically trapeze corrugated and is made of steel, thickness 2 mm.


The door frame corner posts are produced of two pieces of special open box profile of carbon steel, thickness 6 mm, pressed to make an open profile for the outer part and of carbon steel thickness 6 mm U-profile for the inner part. The rear top header consists of two pieces, the upper part is of steel, thickness 4 mm and the U profile is steel thickness 4 mm. The rear top header and the rear sill are reinforced with steel strips in the area where the locking gear parts are welded on.


Corner fittings are produced in accordance with ISO R 1161 and are approved by a classification Society.


The base frame consists of:

  • two bottom siderails gauge 4 mm of steel formed to an open profile
  • C-profile crossmembers of steel thickness 4 mm
  • two fork lift tunnels. The upper plate of the fork lift tunnel is of steel thickness 4 mm, the side walls of the fork lift tunnel are of. steel, thickness 4 mm, the bottom strap is of steel thickness 6 mm.

The dimensions of the fork lift tunnels are in accordance with ISO standards.


Side walls consist of

  • top rail dimension 50 x 12 mm
  • bottom side rail made of . steel, thickness 4.5 mm.
  • side panels made of steel gauge 2.0 mm, vertically trapeze corrugated. The panels are welded to each other and overlap welded to the corner post.


The roof consists of 2.0 mm steel, horizontally die pressed.

The roof has a 6 mm upward camber. The roof panels are butt welded and are continuously welded to the side top rails and to the front header and to the door frame header top plate.

4 corner gussets of steel thickness 4 mm are provided around each corner fitting.


The floor consists of 28 mm plywood chemically treated to prevent infestation in accordance with the requirements of Commonwealth of Australia Department of Health or 3 mm antiskid steel floor fully welded.

The floor is fastened to the cross-members by galvanized screws, shank diameter 6.3 mm, countersunk about 1.5-2 mm below the surface of the floor.10 screws per cross-member.

The perimeter of the floor is sealed with a caulking sealant.


The horizontally corrugated door panel is made of 2.0 mm . steel. Further it consists of a frame made of closed profiles 110 x 40 x 3 mm and horizontal U profiles of steel thickness 3 mm. Each door wing is suspended on 4 hinges and can be swung not less than 270 degrees. To hold the door open, each wing is provided with a nylon rope door holder and with a hook on the bottom side rail. The right hand wing is designed to prevent the left hand wing from opening when the container is sealed according to TIR requirements.

J- shape door gaskets are made of EPDM. The gaskets are fastened to the door by stainless steel strips and rustproof rivets. 5 rivets on top and bottom gasket. Lower gaskets and vertical gaskets 50 cm from bottom sealed with sealant.

The hinges are fitted with stainless steel pins and nylon bushings. The locking gear is WISTRA model M3481 - 2 pieces. One rod on the right wing is fastened to the door by three AVDEL type bolts. The rest of the connection are by means of heavy duty galvanized bolts, nuts and washers.


Three lashing bars are welded inside each front corner post. Along the top and bottom side rail there are 2 + 2 lashing fittings on each side of the container, each located in a recess. The lashing fittings are designed to withhold a 1500 kg pull load without deformation to the lashing fitting and the surrounding area.


One plastic ventilator cover is provided on each side wall of the container between the corrugations close to the front /one ventilator at front, the other at rear/.


All welding shall be carried out using the MAG-M process in Argon shield gas mixture / 82 % Argon, 18 % CO2 /. All welders are skilled and qualified and have passed the required examinations for the specific welding technique. All welds shall be free of porosity, cracks, slag, spatter and wire ends. For critical welds strength calculations will be provided upon Buyers request.



Surface preparation

Fully assembled container shall be manually abrasive shot blasted to Sa 2 1/2 according to Swedish standards SIS 05 5900. The blast profile Rz shall be 25-30 microns. Particular attention shall be paid to the under frame in the shot blasting booth the container shall be lifted to enable access to the under frame. All metal preparation shall be carried out just prior to assembly.

Dry film thickness shall be established in accordance with ISO 2808, DS/R 454, SSPC-PA 2 and DIN 55928 Teil 2

Interior and exterior

Interior topcoat RAL 7035

Exterior topcoat RAL 5013


50 micron dry film thickness – one component polyurethane alkyd zinc phosphate primer


60 micron dry film thickness – one component semi gloss alkyd topcoat

Under frame:

HODEJKA - Z 0111

40 micro dry film thickness – one component polyurethane alkyd zinc phosphate primer

HEMPINOL - 1022/1999

175 micro dry film thickness bituminous paint


Markings are applied after the painting system has been completed and correspond fully to ISO standards and other relevant regulations. The letters, numbers and logos are made of cast vinyl film with an adequate adhesion and 7 years guarantee. Markings shall be fitted in accordance with ISO 6346. In addition the following markings shall be supplied:

Four numbers - one horizontal on right hand door

  • one vertical on each sidepanel
  • one vertical on the front



The prototype produced in accordance with this specification is tested by Germanischer Lloyd. The tests are equivalent to those prescribed by ISO standards.


Each container is submitted to an inspection with regard to:

  • dimensions according to ISO norms
  • quality of welding
  • finish
    ​a/ removal of welding spatter
    ​b/ general cleaning
    ​c/ evenness and floor stability
    ​d/ paint thickness, smoothness and adhesion
    ​e/ fastening and correctness of all markings
    ​f/ watertightness
    ​At the same time the containers are inspected with a view to adherence to ISO standards.



The Buyer will be submitted of drawings including general assembly drawing and drawing of container markings.


The warranty starts on the day of GL acceptance of the units in the factory. The warranty covers any defects in the design, workmanship and material for a period of 12 months from the date of manufacture. In case of defects the Seller shall after due inspection according to general usage agree with the Buyer repair of the container to make it acceptable for operation. Any damage caused by wrong handling or load, insufficient securing of the load, collisions or other accidents as well as consequential loss are excluded from warranty.For the paint system used, the warranty against corrosion starts on the date of production and will not be less than 3 years. Normal wear-and-tear or corrosion caused by acids, alkali chemicals, collisions or accidents are excluded from the warranty.

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